Muhsinzade Mehmet Pasha Mansion was one of the most prestigious mansions of its time. The premises were built over an area of 4527 square meters on the ruins dating from the era of Ahmed III. It also has an elegant fountain and a garden complex, which are deemed one of the most beautiful examples of Ottoman garden and water architecture.

The proprietors lived in the mansion between 1790 and 1929 before leaving gradually. The premises were then rented out to a merchant to be used as a coal warehouse. The area was then used for sand storage in 1935. In 1980s, 22 heirs of the family came together to sell the premises to an entrepreneur engaged in tourism.

Following a long and sad hiatus in its history, the Mansion was resuscitated by the members of the Aysal family under the auspices of Unit Group, renovated according to the refined taste of its mistress and turned into one of the most luxurious and privileged hotels of Turkey. The exterior of the mansion was renovated according to its original structure whereas the interiors were renovated with an allusion to its historical journey which blend into the love and eternal beauty constantly hankered after by man.

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